Medicare Risk Assessment

Medicare Risk Assessment Program

Gould & Lamb’s Medicare Risk Assessment Program is a FREE web based tool that will assist clients in determining their level of Medicare exposure and provides a recommended course of action for the case as it proceeds toward settlement.  This program can be customized to meet the protocols of your internal Medicare Secondary Payer thresholds, ensuring consistent compliance nationally.

The Medicare Risk Assessment Program takes the complexities out of the settlement determination process and allows you to wrap up your settlement quickly by knowing exactly what level of exposure your settlement has to Medicare scrutiny in the future. The Medicare Risk Assessment is a proprietary tool created by Gould & Lamb to provide you with a fast, free, and accurate assessment of the need to produce a Medicare Set-Aside Allocation and, if referral to Medicare is appropriate, to create a compliant settlement.

G&L Logic Engine

Gould & Lamb’s Research and Development team used data accumulated with completion of 50,000 cases to create the only logic engine that takes in account Medicare’s policy memos, federal law and our client’s individual Medicare Secondary Prayer compliance protocols when evaluating Medicare exposure in Workers’ Compensation settlements. The Medicare Risk Analysis Program will accurately evaluate and report the risk levels associated with your cases, score it and offer a defined course of action.

A Medicare Risk Report can be secured by simply accessing our interactive form. After answering a few questions from your claim file, you will receive an accurate risk evaluation and direction on the steps to take to insure a compliant settlement.

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